Pressure Washing

Decks, Cedar Homes, Fences, Playsets

Pressure Plus provides pressure washing and sealing services for all types of wood structures. We use a premium wood cleaner to return your wood to its natural condition. After cleaning, we apply a sealant/stain to protect the wood from the elements and extend the benefits of the cleaning.

Have you seen your deck lately? Has it become discolored? Or is slimy with moss? Part of your responsibility as a homeowner is to inspect your deck every year and to keep it in good condition.  Our maintenance program includes all kinds of wooden decks, fences, and playsets, including Trex decks.


Add Some Curb Appeal To Your Home With Clean Concrete

No matter how much effort you put into cleaning your home, stained driveways and walkways will diminish the overall look and take away from the beauty if not cleaned to match. Power washing concrete clean will add curb appeal to your home and provide a welcome path to your doors.

Please keep in mind that not every pressure washing job is the same and the results can vary depending on the condition of the existing concrete driveway or walkways that are being cleaned.

Exterior House Washing

Leave pressure washing your home to the professionals and prevent unwanted and expensive consequences.  Damage commonly comes as a result from someone holding the tip of the power washer too close to the house and blowing holes in the siding or stripping the paint off the wood. Or, they use low grade cleaners and the only way they can get the walls clean is to hold the tip too close and again, damage is the inevitable result.

A quick and easy DIY project can turn into a job you wish you had left alone. So why take the risk of damaging your investment? There is a much simpler way to get your house washed, simply hire a professional pressure washing contractor. If you live in the Cincinnati area, contact Pressure Plus Painting LLC for a free estimate.


If you intend to have your roof cleaned, then you need to give Pressure Plus a call. We will soft clean your roof to ensure that all lichen, moss, fungi and dirt are removed. Our roof cleaning services also include, cleaning out your blocked or clogged gutters, drains and down pipes.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to clean your roof, ask about our biocide fungal wash. It features a low pressure spray and helps in getting rid of moss, fungi and lichen algae. Afterwards, we apply a waterproofing agent to help prevent further fungal growth.

Having our non-pressure roof cleaning method used on your roof will help your roof stay cleaner much longer than using a high pressure wash. At Pressure Plus, we will be happy to answer all your questions concerning our roof cleaning methods. Call or contact us today!